Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane ► Angel Of Sunlight [HQ Audio] Divine Light ✤ Remix by Bill Laswell

Illuminations, Carlos Santana’s collaboration album with John Coltrane’s widow Alice Coltrane from 1974 contains some of his most intense and spiritual guitar playing ever recorded. Unfortunately the album suffered from colourless production and failed to meet the expectations of Santana fans worldwide.
Enter Bill Laswell, a veteran record producer and a long time fusion-freak who re-mixed Miles’ electric explorations earlier on. On “Divine Light” Bill Laswell reconstructed and remixed tracks from Santana’s most spiritual works “Love Devotion & Surrender” and “Illuminations” by reconciling the songs to one another and adding a discreet measure of enhancement, clarification and focus, all applied with the utmost respect for the source material. All tracks benefited from this enhancement but highlight of the album is definitely “Angel of Sunlight”.

Original 1974 recording credits:

Devadip Carlos Santana – Guitar, Finger Cymbals
Jack DeJohnette – Drums
David Holland – Double Bass
Tom Coster – Hammond, Finger Cymbals
Turiya Alice Coltrane – Wurlitzer
Jules Broussard – Soprano Saxophone
Armando Peraza – Congas
Phil Ford – Tabla
Prabuddha Phil Browne- Tambura

Strings arranged and conducted by Alice Coltrane

Reconstruction & Mix Translation at Orange Music Sound Studios, NJ by Bill Laswell in 2001.

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